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Dec 16, 2008

i love you too.

i got feelings of being left, by mimi, and leaving, leaving u guys to that darn place. left is painful, leaving is so much more. it kills to miss ppl so much, so much that u can just cry about the silliest of stuff, like listening to aizat - hanya kau yang mampu, or simply looking at your pictures, or simply thinking that u ppl are having lunch together, and other things that we used to do together. i hated being alone. i loath living without u ppl, aftr those moments we shared. true, i have not truly cherish those moments back then, not truly appreciated u guys when we were together, but alone, i felt like my heart's been shredded to pieces, burning and struggling to stay alive. metaphoric, hiperbolic, but sure you have no idea, how true it is. i was not being myself all the time. i was forced to be a whole new person to adapt to this whole new surrounding. i cried myself to sleep most nights, yeah it heals a bit after four months or so, but i still miss you like crazy and crack up any moment, any day. hugging that pillow makes me believe, i will see them again, and the hope keeps me going. a lot of ppl adore that gift u gave me, to them its beautiful, fluffy, and pink. but it means the world to me. its sumthing i can squeeze when i'm upset, punch when i'm mad, cry on when i'm sad, and laugh with whenever i tried to be happy. its like having u ppl by my side again when i'm totally wet with tear. yess i cried a lot. yes they think i'm weird. but i dont care. i love you, and if that makes me weird, i'd always love to be the weird one. psycho, even. they say time heals what reason cannot, but i can hardly believe. i cant possibly stop missing u madly. ayeng, jan, kah, nah, nah, mimi, aimi, dah, i really do love you. (:

Dec 14, 2008

detik-detik itu berlalu..:( :)

sesekali bila aku ingat kembali.
wajah temanku di potret kasih.
terasa ingin ku lewati bersama.
ingin ku hirup angin kemesraan.
mengejar bayangan hilang.
namun kini detik ini.
hanya tinggal kenangan.
masa terlalu cemburu.kan ?
untuk kita terus bersama-sama.

cinta itu terus kekal.
teguh x tergugat.bak hempasan ombak.
terbayang kasih teman.
menitis air mataku.
jernih dari seorang kawe.
ditinggalkan jauh di perantauan.

kerana detik dan jarak kita terpisah.
tapi ketahuilah.
terpisahnya kita demi.
mencari sinar gemilang.
bukan kerana memutuskan silaturrahim.

tergambar senda guraumu.
sebak rase di hati mimiey.:(
mengalir satu harapan.
ikhlas diri kamu tetap di hati.
di hujung penantian nanti.
kita bisa bertaut kembali.
dengan segenggam mutiara.
itulah. persahabatan kita.. :)

p/s : erm. time nie aku nangis. rindu sungguh ni..:( erm. jan.eliey.tkah.sanah.panah.mcdah.aimi.yeng ) syang kamo. :( mimieysedey.:)