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Jan 8, 2012

From Ottawa with love

Its a big city so far away from home, so far away.
I'm a little kid in the middle of everything.
Every turn I take seems so sharp and irreversible,
everything changes.

I get scared.
And when I'm scared, I think of something permanent, that won't ever leave me, that I won't ever leave.

You guys. ♥

Trust me when I say thinking of every one of you,
holding on to our memories,
relying on future meetings InsyaAllah,
gives me the strength I need to just keep going on.

Thanks loves. :)


NikNurAtiqah said...

siha syg~!! miss you. haha. guano koho kecik tuh? haha

Ili Nasiha said...

baju koho besa :P

mimi ; banat said...

makin hari makin keding mu HAHA

mcdah said...

haha. tau xpoo. koho keding neh. nk suh hntr nasik krabuu ko? :P

Ili Nasiha said...

heii nasi krabu jange duk sebut!